Meet the Cast

The Husband – my husband of 6 years, attorney extraordinaire, super hottie, awesome dad

The Juban Princeling – our 3 1/2-year old son. Jewish + Cuban = Juban. I did not make that up. It's a real thing, I promise.

The Duke of Juban - our younger son, born March 2012.

Mr. Funny – my brother, government drone by day, hilarious stand-up comic by night

Gilligan – my brother-in-law, fellow writer, sailor, book snob

The Professor – his live-in boyfriend, currently a grad student out in teh Los Angeles

Ronnie – my friend in the nabe, former teacher, fellow mom in the trenches, and the most put-together person I know

NoLa – another neighborhood pal, fellow geek, impossibly creative, and possibly the retroactive inspiration for all of Tennessee Williams’ plays

The Hotties – a group of 7 women who’ve kept me sane for the past 5 years

Beatrix Potter – one of the Hotties, whose daughter is one of my son's best friends

Jewtalian - my Jewish friend native of New Jersey, who moved to Italy to be with her Italian husband and raise a little Jewtalian baby

Ex-Pat - my friend native of Detroit, who married a Canuk and moved to Canada to be with him and raise a little McFrog baby

Tia - my Nicaraguan-American BFF of 20+ years, still lives in Miami, math nerd

Mrs. Snape - my Harry Potter Wife

Patsy - my gay husband, we went to Hebrew School together when we were 7 and now we take care of each other in that special way only a gay man and his lifelong fag hag can do (do people still say "fag hag?")

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from two to one said...

Hi! I saw your comment on Balancing Jane's post for The Last Name Project and was wondering if you would be interested in participating in the series. If so, feel free to contact me at danielle [at] fromtwotone [dot] com.