Who IS This Crazy Lady?

I was born in South Miami, FL in 1976 to two people who clearly had no idea what they were in for. I'm fairly certain I was conceived in a drug-induced loss of sensibility. By the time I was 11 I knew I wanted to live in New York City. Nine years and one failed college attempt later, I realized my dream of moving to the big, bad apple. 

 Your author, circa 1976

Someone convinced me to go back to school, and in 1999 I graduated from NYU with a BA in Snobby but Useless Liberal Arts.

Your author and her mom on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, 1998

Somehow I convinced someone to marry me in 2006. While he slept I whispered subliminal messages in his ear that we should reproduce, and in October 2008 I gave birth to our son, the Juban Princeling. (Me = Jewish. Husband = Cuban American. Jewish + Cuban = Juban. It's a thing.) We did such a good job with this one we're having another one in March 2012.

Your author, Mother's Day 2011

"Home" is a hippie dippie little neighborhood in Brooklyn called Park Slope, where I stay home eating bon-bons, watching soap operas, and getting pedicures while my son runs amok and my husband slaves away at his job with Big Law. I also write this blog from my bubble baths and work on my first novel, a historical urban fantasy, while a strapping young man named Sven gives me massages and feeds me chocolate. Just to make the paparazzi crazy I write all my fiction under my maiden name, Meredith Morgenstern.

When not neglecting my child or living a life of luxury I also write the Budget Wine reviews over at Moms Who Need Wine. Check out more of my sophisticated, urbane wit here: http://www.momswhoneedwine.com/author/meredith/