Monday, May 2, 2011

See You in Hell, Osama Bin Laden!

...except that I won't, because I'm a Buddhist and I don't believe in Hell.

Being a Buddhist, I realize that I should not take pleasure in someone's death. I should pity him or meditate for him or something like that.

But the fact is that I am a 15-year New York City veteran, and I earned my Hardcore New Yorker card on September 11, 2001, by being right here when it happened. I breathed the smoke from the fallen towers, I read the thousands of gut-wrenching Missing Persons flyers that Guiliani finally had taken down, I walked the streets near Ground Zero weeks afterwords when the ground was still torn open from the impact, even blocks away.

And so, I cannot let this one go. Bin Laden was as evil as they come, and this is how I feel about his death:

Maybe the universe will forgive me for this one.

Meanwhile, I have some Conservative friends (what? You should get some. They're fun, and certainly make life more interesting.) who are STILL hating on my man Bar (I assume Barack Obama would let me call him that if we were FB friends, which we technically are, but he has yet to answer my invite to come over for gluten-free pasta and Tasti-D-Lite). I mean, what's it going to take for these people to just STFU for a few hours and enjoy the good news? Will the man have to hold up Bin Laden's bloody, lifeless head for them to be happy?

I also made Husband promise to be careful today while going to work in Manhattan.

Him: "What, exactly, should I do?"
Me: "Avoid gathering masses. If you hear or see anything even remotely suspicious, you run home, OK?"
Him: "How am I supposed to avoid crowds if I have to take the subway to work? Walk?"
Me: "YES!!!"

It's a good day. But still kinda scary. Let's be careful out there, people.

On that note, I leave you all with one of my favorite odes to my absolute favorite city in the world:

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