Friday, August 19, 2011

Post-BSG Nitpicks

Husband and I finally finished "Battlestar Galactica" last night. Overall, we liked it very much. The third season kind of mostly sucked, but in general it was a very good series. (Also: I totally called that ending. I've watched a LOT of "Twilight Zone," I know what's up.)

Now that we're done with the entire series, I have a few minor nitpicks about the ending, more loose ends that I feel weren't tied up to my satisfaction.







Nitpick # 1: Where's the rai

Even before I read this piece on the portrayal of women in "BSG," I asked my husband at one point: "So, there are NO LGBT individuals on the entire show?"

Out of the 30-50K* survivors of the Twelve Colonies, not one was a dude who dug dudes? Not one of the ships that joined the post-fall fleet had a lesbian? None of the survivors said, "You know, now's as good a time as any to free myself of the shackles of my biological birth gender?"

*Nitpick # 2: So...Daniel...???

There was this whole big, fat, storyline about # 7, aka "Daniel," that never quite got resolved. Husband and I expected the "genetic mix-up" that happened, to have changed Daniel's gender and that maybe Kara Thrace was # 7.

That would have both satisfied some of my # 1 nit, as well as...

*Nitpick # 3: Kara's a ghost? That everyone can see? And she just disappears?

Her being a Cylon would have made more sense. Hell, Starbuck turning out to be a Time Lord or a Hobbit would have made more sense than what happened in the last four episodes. I'm still scratching my head.

*Nitpick # 4: So, we're just going to assume that there were absolutely no non-rebel Cylon survivors of the Colony?

And that after 150,000 years they did not regroup, grow stronger, and hunt down the humans and rebel Cylons who they think violated the short-lived truce, when they all were just one jump away?

*Nitpick # 5: So Laura Roslin's anti-abortion law...
After an entire episode was devoted to the subject of abortion amongst the last 30-50K human survivors in the known universe, and Laura Roslin gave that tearful speech that went against all her beliefs and values, we're just never going to go back to that?

*Nitpick # 6: Galen versus Tory

After the ep in which Tory so coldly and callously killed Cally I felt cheated that there was zero investigation into Cally's death. Suicide by airlock? Seriously? No one felt the need to say, "Let me check the computers to make sure the airlock was actually opened by the controls inside the room, rather than the controls outside the room."

So when Galen found out that Tory did it, I expected...ANYTHING. OK, he snapped her neck and then sort of went catatonic. That just did not do it for me. NOT WELL DONE, BSG.

Like I said, overall this was a very good series. The writing was tight, the characters were deep and multi-dimensional, and the conflict was always much more than simple black and white. But these loose ends could have been tied up, at least some of them, at least IMHO.

*Depending on where in the storyline we are.

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