Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Idiot Box

One nice thing about summer - besides baseball, mojitos, and key lime pie, which are pretty much summer's only redeeming qualities as far as I'm concerned - is the lack of TV on TV, allowing my husband and I to catch up on shows we otherwise would probably never get to watch because we're too busy watching other shows.

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During any given TV season, we can be found watching:
Dancing With the Stars (well, I watch, my husband complains) (but he secretly watches, and that's how he's able to accurately predict the judges' scores each week)
How I Met Your Mother
The Middle
Modern Famly
Suburgatory (which I only watch for Jeremy Sisto)
Don't Trust the B- in Apartment 23
30 Rock
Up All Night
Top Chef

And, when there are new episodes online:
The Guild
The (Mis)Adventures of Awkward Black Girl

That's a lotta TV for one couple with two itty bitty children.

We're also too cheap to subscribe to premium channels, and by "too cheap" I mean Time Warner already has dibs on our most vital organs and one of our children (I won't say which one), and yet the service is kind of shitty. Kind of really shitty. So we're unwilling to shell out our other child and still wind up living in boxes under the Brooklyn Bridge just so we can get HBO, when Netflix will send us HBO shows for less than half the cost. Sure, we get them about 18 years after they've aired, but so what? Game of Thrones is timeless.

The problem with doing it this way, though, is we go through an entire season in less than a week. We wrapped up season 2 of Treme in about four nights and season 1 of GoT in less than a week. After tonight it will have taken us all of two nights to get through season 1 of Bored to Death (Brooklyn, holla!)

And then we have to wait a whole year for the next season to come out on DVD.

And if you're thinking that we can just pirate or bootleg stuff off the internets, well, my friend, THAT IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL AND WE WOULD NEVER EVER DO THAT, DO YOU HEAR ME FCC?

I <3 the FCC

Also, we tried that and it didn't work. For a long time we were all caught up on True Blood for free, but some wonderful, puppy-loving, highly attractive and clearly intelligent person over at the FCC must have caught on to all these nasty, no-goodnik pirating sites and shut them down. (I swear to god, if I don't get my Eric Northman fix soon I will cut a bitch. Not you at the FCC, I love you and want to have your babies, and by the way, have you lost weight? You look fantastic.)

So if you watch GoT the way god intended - on HBO - or Treme, or Boardwalk Empire (next in our Netflix queue after BtD), or Carnivale (after BE), please don't tell me what happens. I need something to keep me occupied next summer. (The chef and the jazz guy are totally going to hook up, right? NO, DON'T TELL ME!)

How do you get your fix of your favorite shows? 


Anonymous said...

HOw do we get Game of Thrones, True Blood and nightly fixes of Big Brother?

We didn't sell any children -- we don't have any to sell, and our dog and cat are too precious to us to even consider that as an option.

We don't pirate anything period. My husband is retired Air Force and paranoid about the Internet. We've only had wifi for a little over a year now because he was sure that someone would park outside our house and steal our credit numbers when I ordered from Amazon.

So what did we do to afford HBO and Showtime and the gillion other channels on AT&T U-verse?

We gave up eating. With all those gillion channels, who has time to eat, anyway?

Instead, we keep up with soccer -- guys kick a ball around for a while -- home renovations -- that only the rich can afford, but we can still dream, right? -- and even expand our horizons -- learning Spanish while enjoying hunky Latino men -- that's me, not my husband.

He wanted me to make sure I made that last point clear. I did say he was paranoid.

Giving up eating is a small price to pay for the opportunity to become voyeurs through Big Brother after dark.

Don't worry about us. WE both could lose a few, a lot of pounds before we waste away to nothing. WE drink plenty of water and when we really get hungry, we hit happy hour as the bars around here and nibble on the free food.

Who says you can't have it all?

MM POllard

Marian L said...

I love the True Blood series and the books it was created from.

Mona Karel said...

I've had DirectTV for six years, since shortly after moving here. Multiple amazing channels, but often nothing to watch. I kept it for my husband's sports obsession, but with him gone now, I think I'd rather spend the $$$ on, say writing classes! Or maybe a tank of gas??


I adore TV as much as I adore books. I have my go-to shows like most everyone. And TCM. Did like HGTV, but all they have lately are the Househunters and that's boring.

My favorite way to watch is to multi-task--read or do needlework.

The workouts and the writing come first, tho.

Sara Thompson said...

We gave up cable for Netflix and Hulu. My husband has found a couple of legal download sites but I can't tell you what they are. It is frustrating that not everything we like is availble but then I think maybe it's just not that important. I'm loving Netflix - we watched six seasons of Supernatural. I always wanted to watch that but it was up against other things we watch. Now I'm watching Torchwood. I've seen most of it before but it's so good I don't mind watching it again. I think I might watch DR Who which I have not seen.

Meredith L. said...

MM Pollard, giving up eating seems like a good idea...we can snack on the leaves of the tree overlooking our balcony, and in winter we can just hibernate!

Meredith L. said...

Marian, I read the first book, but I like the series better. The books don't have Alexandar Skarrarraaaarsgaarraarrard in them.

Meredith L. said...

Marian, I went to your blog and wanted to comment, but my computer isn't showing the image verification right now. :-(

Meredith L. said...

Mona, or wine?

Meredith L. said...

Vicki, HGTV has become my go-to channel when I'm feeding the baby. That, or my Nook. Unfortunately because Time Warner sucks, about 60% of the time my HGTV doesn't work.

These days I think there's nothing wrong with enjoying TV. A lot of it is mindless, yes, but a lot of it is really, really good now.

Meredith L. said...

Vicki, my computer is being a pain in the butt and not letting me comment on other people's blogs today, but I wanted to say that on my and husband's recent two night adventure away from the kids, I forgot to TRY ON my LBD before we left. I'm 10 pounder under my pre-pregnancy weight (I know, cry me a river) and my LBD didn't fit anymore! Thankfully I had packed a backup LBD, and long story short, that's how I wound up wearing a $20 Target dress with $400 earrings to a $350 dinner at New York's #3 restaurant.

Meredith L. said...

Sarah, we did that for a while but got tired of having to watch everything online. And, with the new baby, we sort of need cable, both for my sanity (when I feed the baby) and for our older kid, who can only entertain himself so much while I'm busy with his younger brother.

But Torchwood is really, really good...once you get past the cyberwoman fighting a pteradactyl. The Torchwood mini-series "Children of Earth" made me cry my face off, but skip "Miracle Day," which stinks to high heaven.

Ella Gray said...

Hubs and I also gave up cable and use only Hulu Plus and Netflix now. We get both through our Wii, so we get to watch everything on the flat screen, although the picture quality isn't quite as good. It does stink having to wait for shows, but it beats paying out the wazoo for watching a very small percent of what's on TV :)

Meredith L. said...

Ella, we finally figured out how to make our Smart TV work with the internet so we've been doing that when we want to watch NetFlix, or things off YouTube. But still. I hate waiting!

Anonymous said...

A suggestion: get a group of people together to all chip in and pay for one person to have HBO, then you all share the login so you can watch hbogo online or on whatever other devices. Only the one person will have it on cable but you can watch everything on hbogo, hook your computer up to the tv, whatever. Just make sure your provider supports hbogo on the device you want (I can watch stuff online but not on my roku, for instance.)